Since the realization of the first defense software export of Turkey in
2003, Altay Software Group solutions serve successfully in the inventory
of the armed forces of USA, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea and
Indonesia, as well as Turkey (in total 11 countries)

Altay Corporation is one of the
leading defense sector companies,
which has successfully conducted many
projects in Turkey since its foundation
back in 1957. With professionalism,
strong work ethic and institutionalized
robust structure, it evolved into a
group of six companies throughout the
years, each of which has unparalleled
competencies in their own areas of
interest and has become an outstanding
force multiplier for those that partner
with it.
Altay Software Group, as being
a leading and experienced software
company, has received the appreciation
of its Turkish and international partners
with its experience on a number of
major projects carried out since its
establishment in 1998 within the Altay
Corporation.Altay Software Group’s
main competency is the design and
development of custom-made defense
software solutions at its NATO and
National Secret level certified premises,
in the course of international quality and
security standards, such as CMMI v1.3
Maturity Level 3, NATO-AQAP 160, ISO
9001:2008, ISO 27001, and RTCA/DO
178B Guideline.
IT services of Altay include;
project management, localization and
customization of COTS, maintenance
and technical support of software for
both sold and developed. In respect
to those skills and experiences, Altay
Software Group also designs and
develops ERP solutions for corporate
and institutional entities.
With its long-standing domain
expertise in a variety of projects, and
taking the existing quality assurance
and hands-on management approach
into account, Altay Software Group
can provide competitive defense
software solutions where the risk and
cost minimization will be an advantage
for any company in the international
Altay Software Group carried out
many projects in the scope programs,
including HAWK XXI Air Defense
Program, Mine Counter Measures
and Submarine Sonar Modernization
Programsofthe Norwegian Navy,
Changbogo III Submarine Program for
the South Korean Navy, Kongsberg
Defense Systems Multi Sensor
Integration Infrastructure Programs,
YUNUS Under/Above Water
Surveillance Program of the Turkish
Their domain of expertiseis;
›› Naval Systems (Mine Counter Measures,
Mine Counter Measures, Harbor Intruder
Protection, Submarine Sonar Systems,

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