ALTOY Defence Industry and Aviation Inc, has been
established with the aim to bring the high technology of
HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) unmanned aerial
platforms to Turkey, to manufacture unmanned aircraft
systems in Turkey, to export to the World Market through
Turkey and at the same to provide maintenance, operation
and aftersales/technical support.
ALTOY ( is a Turkish company having
its Headquarters in Ankara/Turkey and has 49% partnership
with AeroVironment Inc ( having its offices
located at California, USA. AeroVironment is the world
leader in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) having
delivered more than 25,000 unmanned aircraft to U.S. DoD
and international customers for Defence and Commercial
Applications, more than one million flight hours, millions of
hours for Data and Information.
ALTOY has exclusive rights to market and sell the
unmanned aircraft systems of AeroVironment Inc, holding
86% of US DoD Inventory (31 countries), to Turkey and
more than 20 neighboring countries, and additionally to
co-manufacture these products in Turkey. ALTOY’s product
range comprises of Small/Micro and HALE Class UAV, all
of which can be controlled by a common ground control
ALTOY Global Observer
ALTOY Global Observer (GO) is a High Altitude Long
Endurance (HALE) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). It
combines the best attributes of satellites and both manned
and unmanned aircraft.
From the stratosphere, GO UAS acts like a mobile,
12-mile-high-tower, covering an area of up to 600miles
in diameter. Many missions are enabled by such a high
vantage point.
There are no companies in the World manufacturing
HALE Category Unmanned Aircraft Systems other than
three (3) Companies of USA, and excluding the USA,
ALTOY is the only one who has the exclusive right
for transferring technology and manufacturing. High
Technology Stratospheric Hale Category ALTOY Global
Observer UAV has Liquid Hydrogen-fueled Hybrid-electric
propulsion system (does not exist in the Market), 400 lb.
/ 181,5kg Payload and Sensor System capacity, 65,000ft.
Operating altitude (does not exist in the Market), and 5 to
7 days of uninterrupted endurance (does not exist in the
ALTOY Global Observer Remote Sensor Payloads
can create Airborne Picture & provide Imagery Analysis
for Military and Commercial Applications such as Border
Security, ISR missions, Search and Rescue, security of
Oil& Gas and Mining fields, Pipeline Security, Agricultural
Land Analysis, Forest Inventory and Safety Management,
Internet and Broadband Communications Relay, Data Link
and IR etc…

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