Home to the largest private aviation building in the world Developing the first residential zone in the world based on foundations of happiness “Dubai South” contains the exhibition area that will host the Expo exposition in 2020 A unique logistic pathway connecting “Dubai South” with Mount Ali port, providing an integrated commercial network “Dubai South” The integrated city project around al-Maktoum In ternational Airport Providing 500 thousand jobs and host to one million people Opens vast horizons for growth and development for thousands of corporations and investors al-Maktoum International Airport is one of the keys of growth and development of the aviation sector in Dubai  When you wander around Dubai, youfeel that there is attention that is paid to every detail of life, starting from roads and traffic, passing through public transportation, residential

and commercial buildings and ending with sky high towers. You cannot but wonder at the investment sector that the government paid close attention to, which made it reach high among the primary destinations within a couple of years.

Recently, Dubai has paid close attention to the investment sector through developing a global city called «Dubai South» that boasts a developed infrastructure, facilities that fulfill the needs of investors and businessmen as well as its strategic location.

«Dubai South» is not just a project, but an integrated city that embodies the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, VP, prime minister, and ruler of Dubai, may Allah preserve him, about the future of Dubai which is represented in strengthening its rank as a global business center, being one of the five important trade and transportation centers around the world, and being a new destination for investment in the world and a center of economic bodies. It also strengthens the importance of Dubai as a capital for airplane industry, as well as a home for happiness in the world, so as to contribute largely to achieving the Dubai plan in 2021.

The master planned city comprises eight integrated districts, including the Logistics District, Aviation District, Golf District, Residential District, Commercial District, Al Maktoum International Airport, Exhibition District – that is home to Expo 2020 Dubai, and the Humanitarian District. Dubai South will ultimately provide 500,000 jobs and host one million people.

«Dubai South» strives to lead the large growth witnessed in the air transportation and airplane industry in Dubai. This smart city was built and designed to include specialized commercial complexes providing an integrated system of infrastructures and services that uplift the air industry, transportation, and logistic services in Dubai


A New Destination for Investment

Among the best properties of this project is its economic environment that supports all kinds of business and industries as well as its strategic location. Not to forget that it currently contains a large group of small, medium and multi national corporations, and that the free zones in the aviation zone, logistic zone, and business complex provide the perfect business atmosphere for companies wishing to target global markets. Dubai South welcomed 1153 companies during this year, with a 43% growth compared with last year, totaling 3820 companies.

Airplane manufacturing capital in the world

With regards to the air sector in “Dubai South”, al-Maktoum International Airport resembles the vibrant heart of the project. A city was built around it to make it the first integrated airport city in the region, and so that the airport would become one of the keys of growth and development of the air sector in Dubai. Dubai’s vision lays emphasis on a main and vital
contribution to the airplane industry in the economic development process so that it would go in line with the sound leading strategy in the post oil phase, of which airplanes, trade and tourism are the main components, and one of the main contributions to the GDP.

The airport is undergoing expansion processes that will contribute to raising the capacity of the airport from 7 million travelers to 26,5 million travelers per year by the end of 2017. The capacity of the airport is planned to reach more than 220 million travelers per year, becoming the largest airport in the world upon completion. It will include five runways with a length of 4.5 kilometers for each one, and 400 contact points to ease arrivals and departures.

The airport expansion operations are being performed to account for the gradual increase in the numbers of the travelers from and to Dubai. A full team of the highly skilled specialists are working on designing the airport, so that it would become a future airport built on basis of happiness and providing a unique experience for travelers thanks to its set of facilities and means of comfort, in-house marvelous atmospheres, unique architectural design, family entertainment spaces, ease of transport within, and being connected to the important facilities in Dubai.

“Dubai South” is working to create a developed infrastructure around al-Maktoum International Airport that would provide integrated connection solutions and unprecedented flow of land, sea, and air transportation. With the coming of 2020, there will be harmony and integration among the business and operational processes between “Dubai South”, al-Maktoum International Airport, and Mount Ali port, which would increase the competitiveness of Dubai in the sectors of air, land, and sea transportation as well as logistic services. All of this would help it reach higher levels than at the present, which would go hand in hand with governmental plans aiming to enrich Dubai as a center for world trade.

“Dubai South” provides through the air zone next to al-Maktoum International Airport a specialized business atmosphere that fulfills all the requirements of airplane industry. It spans an area of  square kilometers and forms the new permanent headquarters of Dubai Air Expo. Investments in the air zone have totaled since 2013 and until today around 900 million Dirhams.

The area was designed to cover all practical aspects of the commercial and private air sectors, ranging from design and development, to operation and use of airplane. “Dubai South”
has developed unique offers that are compatible with all of the companies working in this field, and it includes large areas, hangars, offices, and exhibitions that can be leased or built specifically to meet the needs of the airplane maintenance, repair, and renovation companies as well as land operators, light industry, and others. The fly zone also provides training, development and
research institutions a special importance within the plans to focus on education, and building a wealth of knowledge in the sector. This stems from the importance of enhancing, providing and qualifying certified people in the fast growing air industry in the region.

Private Air Building

The air zone also contains a private air building that provides its services to business travelers and VIPs, and it contains a free Dubai market, as well as luxurious halls for VIP travelers. It will also contain 15 thousand trips per year by 2020. It was opened last December, and is considered the biggest private air building.

The private air building provides new standards when it comes to luxurious designs, sophisticated atmospheres, and excellence in services, as well as outstanding speed in performing customs and immigration transactions. Travelers are able to complete their boarding measures within minutes from arriving to the building.

Logistic Area.. The biggest air shipping center in the world

The logistic area was designed in “Dubai South” in order to provide more speed and efficiency in business, corporations, and especially those that provide value added services, such as light industries and assembly. The area spans about 18.5 square kilometers. The logistic area connects sea, land, and air transportation in Dubai in the context of the efforts striving to strengthen the rank of the emirate as one of the most important logistic centers in the world. The logistic area also includes a free economic zone that meets all the needs of local, regional, and international
companies; small, medium, or multinational. The logistic area is connected to Mount Ali port and the airport through Dubai logistic passage that provides unprecedented advantages for companies operating in the logistic sector, especially when it comes to facilitating business, costs, and time efficiency.

In 2014 Emirates Air shipping corporation moved its operations completely from Dubai International Airport to the logistic area in “Dubai South”, which includes a group of major world companies. The size of goods shipped from al- Maktoum International Airport in 2015 was more than 800 thousand tons, placing it in the list of the biggest air shipping centers in the world, ranking at 19.

Investment Opportunities

“Dubai South” is not just a modern city, it is a project that provides a new and unique lifestyle and allows hundreds of thousands of residents and thousands of new companies to have limitless horizons for growth and development. In addition to the attractive economic environment, vast investment characteristics, the project includes wide residential options currently under development. The residential area in “Dubai South” aims at developing a modern community so it would be a model to be followed in meeting the needs of individuals and families. The unique design of the area is based on providing an attractive and integrated social atmosphere to include all necessary facilities and infrastructures, as well as providing the means of comfort and happiness for residents by establishing schools, hospitals, and entertainments 15 minutes away from workplace and residence. This saves the
efforts of driving and moving for long hours. The residential area will be dedicated to continuation through green spaces spread throughout the city, institutions, and environment friendly facilities that are compatible with the needs of sustainable development.

Hospitability Sector

«Dubai South» is determined to providing the appropriate atmosphere for expansion and growth in the hospitability sector as well. It is expected to have a huge increase in demand on hotel rooms thanks to the increasing numbers of travelers through al-Maktoum International Airport and the private air building, as well as a result of the preparations to host Expo2020 expected to receive more than 25 million visitors. «Dubai South» has provided its partners in the sector with the infrastructure and facilities needed to keep up with the huge growth the project is witnessing. It is also made sure to vary its offers in the hospitability sector so as to include hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars. Dubai South has provided facilitations for the construction of hotels such as «Hilton» «Staybridge Suites», «Millennium», and «Holiday Inn», which will provide 2000 rooms to receive visitors starting from 2018.

Residential Area The first residential area based on foundations of happiness in the world

«Dubai South» has revealed recently its most important new project in the residential area, of “Pulse” through sharing it in the “Cityscape Global 2016” Expo Pulse lies at the heart of the residential area in Dubai South, and takes up the space of 87 million square feet. It lies next to the biggest airport in the world, and is the location of «Expo 2020» . In the middle of it lies the new «Boulevard» Street. It is considered the first city to be built on the basis of individual happiness.

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