The importance of trade between KSA and Turkey stems from several reasons, the most important of which is that both countries are amongst the most important and biggest economies in the area. The countries are both members of G20, OIC. Moreover, both countries have strong political influence on the region and on the world. The GCC countries are about to finalize the free trade zone agreement with Turkey, which would highly increase trade exchange between themInstead of challenges, I always speak about opportunities created by such challenges. We find that energy is one of the most important investment opportunities available in the markets of both countries. This results from the difficulties the area faces in reaching the required energy production to supply residences and industry. I particularly refer to sustainable energy, clean energy involving sun, wind, and water. Habitation is one of the difficulties that both countries face in providing the needed residence to their nationals, especially so since the percentage of young people in both countries is very high. This provides another opportunity in the markets of which businessmen must take
advantage. In addition, the geographical location of the countries is unique in that it links three continents, Asia, Europe, and Africa. This is a huge competitive trait that allows both countries
to hold unique positions in global trade, as well as sea and air ways. Finally, we find the sector of Hajj and Omra for KSA , and tourism for Turkey. Investors must work together to develop the tourist service sector related to them, be it hotels, food services, or industries.

My recommendation for young people is to engage in business entrepreneurship in both countries, as well as becoming involved in free business to be the central pillar in developing the medium and small establishments sector which are pivotal for the growth of the economies of the countries. I refer specifically here to the business technology sector that has a promising future.


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