Our esteemed readers, We have stated in our last issue that we would present our magazine with more dynamic, energetic and more comprehensive contents with a renewed management, vision, and a different point of view in 2017. Within this context, the first thing we did was to expand our team. In this regard, Oguzhan Ozturk, the young and successful businessman, will run the general directorate of our magazine, while our General Coordinator will be Middle East expert Mr. Atıf Özbey, who will follow the important developments of the region, especially Turkey, Barlas Yurtsever, who have undertaken important successes especially in the business and finance circles, and Daniel Abdulfettah, who has previously served as coordinator and representative in many international publications, will analyze the business developments and opportunities in the Middle East. As we announced last month, we have conducted important studies for you in this month’s issue in our magazine, where we plan to bring you the names and brands that have achieved important successes in their fields every month. In addition to the comprehensive cover file, important
interviews and events will also be featured in our magazine. We conducted a successful interview with UDHB Minister Mr. Ahmet Aslan We carried out an extensive interview on Turkey’s vision towards 2023, Turkey’s giant projects and the ministry’s investments and objectives. What investments are waiting for businessmen in Katar, which has made great investments for the 2022 world cups, which business opportunities are offered, we have performed an extensive study for you. Regarding the construction sector, which is the locomotive of the business world, we evaluated their work with Mr. Mithat Yenigün, the head of the contractors’ association. Abu Dhabi Ambassador Mr. Can Dizdar once again reminded us of the importance of the Gulf countries by explaining the economic developments in the world and assessing business opportunities in the Gulf countries, especially the United Arab Emirates. While we offer different sporting activities to your liking on our sports page, we share the common stakes of people living in different lands of the same civilization in our culture page. You can find the stops for cultural tastes, celebrity chefs’ cuisine, and historical tastes on our gourmet page. Our technology corner offers you the latest technology news and innovations in the Arab world and Turkey, in the most up-to-date manner.TURKEYİSHERE magazine, which aims to contribute to the friendship and trade that develops between the Arab countries and Turkey, is always open to your suggestions. We wish to meet with you again on our next issue…


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