Over 20 years ago, His Highness Sheikh
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,
Vice President and Prime Minister of
the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, dreamed of
bringing the world’s best
thoroughbreds to Dubai.
His vision became reality
in 1996 when he created
the Dubai World Cup.
The Dubai World Cup is a
Thoroughbred horse race
held annually on the last
Saturday in March in the
Emirate of Dubai, United
Arab Emirates and is
part of the Dubai World Cup Night of races,
featuring nine high-class races including six
Group 1 and three Group 2 contests.
Created through the vision of His Highness
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum,
Vice President and Prime Minister of the
UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Dubai World Cup
provides a truly global stage upon which the
best horses in the world come to compete
every year.
The race was held at Nad Al Sheba Racecourse
before 2009. Starting from 2010, the Dubai
World Cup is held at the new Meydan
Racecourse, when the prize for the winning
horse was also increased from $6m to $10m
to coincide with the opening of Meydan

In Arabic, “Meydan” suggests a place to
congregate and compete; since 2010,
the course’s mile-long grandstand has
accommodated over 60,000 people, and
is considered the world’s longest single
The $10 million race had always been the
world’s richest until this year when usurped
this year by the Pegasus World Cup. The new
Florida event broke all records in January,
offering a $12 million prize purse and $7
million for the winner, Arrogate.
Some very good horses have won the Dubai
World Cup over the past 21 years. The race’s
first winner was the future United States
Hall of Fame Thoroughbred Cigar, owned by
Allen E. Paulson. A plaque honouring that
horse hangs outside the barn of Bill Mott at
Belmont Park.
The race’s last winner Arrogate, the highest
rated horse in the world, had to overcome a
shocking start to finish first. Arrogate is used
to the standard American practice of putting
a handler in the stalls. Without one, he simply
fell out of the gate and turned away from the

After missing the break at the start of the
2,000-metre contest, which left him trailing
his 13 rivals, the imposing grey son of
Unbridled steadily worked his way back into
the race under a super confident Mike Smith,
before pulling away in the final furlong to win
in glorious fashion.

Arrogate’s 51-year-old rider Mike Smith, one
of the leading jockeys in US thoroughbred
racing since the early 1990s, was ecstatic and
said: “When I missed the break I immediately
thought of Zenyatta. I thought ‘I’ve got so
much confidence in this horse I’m going to
ride him like Zenyatta’ and it paid off.
The Dubai World Cup is not all about racing,
though. Fashion at the races has become an
institution in itself, with men and
women using the occasion as a
prime opportunity to showcase
their style, flair and creativity.
Celebrated with the Style Stakes
at the Dubai World Cup, the judges
are looking for style, elegance,
creativity and practicality amongst
the competing fashionistas.

This year’s judges were; Kelly Lundberg,
award-winning celebrity stylist and
entrepreneur; Dom Magneto, fashion
designer and retail expert; Daniel Higgins,
fashion editor of Esquire Middle East and The
Big Black Book; Saufeeya Goodson, content
creator and Vogue Arabia contributor; and
Lucy Widman, fashion and beauty director of
OK! Middle East & Cosmopolitan Middle East.
Festivities on Dubai World Cup day end with
the spectacular Dubai World Cup show and
live music concert. In recent years, stars like
Sting, Santana, Jennifer Lopez, Elton John,
Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson took the stage
to entertain the horse-race enthusiasts and
seal this world class event with a spectacular
show. This year, eight-time Grammy
nominated Australian hitmaker closed the
world’s richest race day.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President
of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has pledged to
make the Dubai World Cup the world’s most
valuable race once more.
The World Cup, won in scintillating fashion by
Arrogate on Saturday, was eclipsed in prize
money in January by the Pegasus World Cup,
a race the roan colt also won.
That race is worth US$12 million (Dh44m)
compared to the $10m of Dubai World Cup.
When asked whether he would increase
the purse of the World Cup to supersede
the Pegasus equivalent Sheikh Mohammed
replied: “Definitely we will do that. The
future is open. We have a vision and we
dream for that. We will put plans in place to
improve this race – the Dubai World Cup.”

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